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Enclosure system CORSO Premium

Enclosure system CORSO Premium
Even more care programm !
As the only company who manufacture this model of pool enclosure we offer long-term active after-sales service. Enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits that no other manufacturer will offer.

Have you got a summer garden with your restaurant, café or hotel?  And how many days a year can your  guests spend there? The statistics are stark, roughly every fifth day it rains. Add the rainy days to the days when it is cloudy or too cold and you'll find that you have only few days to serve your customers in the garden or patio. Thanks to CORSO HORECA enclosure your guests will be able to use your outside sitting area at any time, in any weather. 


Color of construction 

          Wood imitation - patio enclosure profile color
Silver White Anthracite Bronze Cobalt Wood imitation
Other colors according to customer

Color of glazing

Transparent  Smoke


Color of sliding rails

Silver Bronze
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